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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Artha Yantra Launches Financial Wellness as a new age employee benefit

Bengaluru, 25th April 2017: ArthaYantra, world’s only full service robo advisory today announced the launch of a dedicated ‘Financial Wellness Program’ for corporates as part of Employee Benefit. This initiative helps employers to address financial well-being of employees by providing them access to a comprehensive financial plan, a roadmap to achieve all their financial goals.

According to Financial Wellness Survey conducted across 1,000 employees by ArthaYantra, 68% of employees face financial stress. 37% confirm that issues with personal finance are a major cause of distraction at work. A large percentage of about, 72% have not thought about retirement or don’t know how to save for retirement. Above all more than 85% of employees want their organisations to provide personal finance advice that will help them reduce stress. Looking at these facts, it is imperative for employers to partner with experts to address employee’s financial worries.  These findings resonates the global trends across all corporates.

At a fraction of the cost incurred by companies on employees’ recreation and engagement, ArthaYantra FOR CORPORATE enables organizations to help employees plan their financial goals and be retirement ready. As an online advisory, ArthaYantra bridges the gap of servicing the large number of employees spread across geographies, by enabling them with an unbiased advice that helps them take the right financial decisions. Thus, ArthaYantra’s Financial Wellness program helps Engage, Motivate and Retain talent.

“Employees spend more than two-third of their time at work and are a critical asset to any organisation. Financial wellness today is the fastest growing Employee Benefit program. We have received immense response from many big names and are already implementing the program with a two-wheeler manufacturing giant in India at multiple locations and world’s leading insurance company in Mumbai.” said Nitin Vyakaranam, Founder & CEO, ArthaYantra

Financial planning starts with a comprehensive online assessment of the employee’s financial health. This is followed up by tailor made program that addresses the issues faced by the employee. The requirements for each employee range from saving for retirement, buying a home, liquidity crunch, not meeting household expenses, planning for medical emergencies, children’s education and marriage or just taking a vacation!


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