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Friday, October 21, 2016

OnMobile inveils its new product portfolio and consumer brand "ONMO"

OnMobile Global Limited, today unveiled its new consumer brand , ONMO, and showcased some of its new products that will use sound to enrich communication, expression and discovery. With this paradigm shift, OnMobile, will also engage with consumers directly, offering a suite of universally recognizable apps and services to its customers worldwide.
The company has been working towards this change for over two years now. It  has made significant investments in core technology, product development, processes and people to get ready to serve consumers directly. Having an addressable base of more than 1.5 billion mobile users globally, OnMobile is committed to delivering a superior and consistent experince to its users, no matter where they might be.

OnMobile is also re-aligning its Corporate Social Responsibility program with its vision of sound as an important and essential form of communication. It will fund, directly and through an NGO, the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of children suffering from hearing impairments. The funding will cover the cost of free surgeries, cochlear implants, and hearing aids, to the underprivilaged, with a special focus on children.

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